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Greek 101 Facilitators

Greek 101 Facilitators


Nicholas Hudson, CFSL Staff

Greek 101 (UNIV 497 Sections 8-16, 18-20) | Offered in the fall

This upper-division elective course is a great opportunity to learn more about your fraternity/sorority experience! Older members in Greek-letter organizations at Washington State University have taken a course during the spring semester to prepare them for teaching first-year students in the fall. You will be educated on what it means to be a member, hot topics and issues in fraternity/sorority life, balancing your time as a student and member, and network with men and women in other fraternities and sororities at WSU. 

Intercultural Greek Leadership (UNIV 497 Section 21) | Offered in the fall

This brand new course will cover identity boundaries, difference, diversity, social justice and alliance building within the Greek Community. The course is open to fraternity/sorority upperclassmen.  You will develop your intercultural leadership skills and apply them to real fraternity/sorority situations.  You will discuss current social justice issues in the fraternity & sorority community and make connections with other student leaders in the Greek community.  The course is facilitated by Assistant Director Nicholas Hudson with additional university administrators participating to facilitate networking opportunities.   

Social Justice Leadership (UNIV 497 Section 17) | Coming Soon

This brand new course will cover introductory social justice theories, identity development, power, privilege and oppression.  This course will provide an analytical look at social justice leadership by incorporating interesting teaching methods, such as utilizing young adult (YA) fiction, while also providing students with essential social justice organizing tools.  This is open to all students and is taught by Nicholas Hudson, CFSL Assistant Director & Diversity Education staff.  

Greek Leadership Experience: Teaching Greek 101 | Offered in the spring

Fraternity/sorority members who are juniors or seniors and interested in teaching the Greek 101 course offered each fall should sign up for the Greek Leadership Experience! This graded, variable credit, upper-division elective is a great opportunity to meet other members in the community and have meaningful conversations about the fraternity/sorority experience. With conversations about the fraternal movement, ritual, member education and social issues, these students complete the semester prepared to work with the first-year members will cover identity boundaries, difference, diversity, social justice and alliance building within the Greek Community.  

Order of Omega

Order of Omega is a national leadership honor society that recognizes juniors and seniors for their scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the greek, campus and local community. The Alpha Zeta chapter at Washington State University participates in service activities, receives many professional development opportunities, and gives greek students the opportunity to meet other leaders in the community. Membership is available to the top 3 percent of Greeks at Washington State University.