Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life


The Greek Pillars of Excellence is an accreditation program similar to your inter/national accreditation program. Each of the six categories represents a specific value of the Greek community here at WSU. All of the individual areas under each category are items that you may already perform. Each individual chapter will submit the Greek Pillars of Excellence packet answering the specific questions and submit the required supplemental material. The Greek Pillars of Excellence are a self-evaluation.

There are a total of 1500 points possible for each chapter to amass. It is up to each individual chapter on how many points you earn. If there are particular categories that your organization is inhibited from doing, your organizations total will be reduced. There will no penalty for this. We will take your individual organizations specific policies and procedures into account.

2017 Greek Pillars of Excellence Application

The review period begins January 1st, 2017 and will end on October 14th, 2017. This replaces the annual report and Arete Awards packet. The first round of submissions are due April 15th,2017 and the second on October 14th, 2017. See packet for deadline details.

  • Why did the CFSL move from the annual report to the Greek Pillars of Excellence?

    The CFSL moved from the annual report to the Greek Pillars of Excellence to ensure that each organization receives the proper credit for all of the great accomplishments their chapter does on an annual basis. The annual report did not provide the CFSL and your chapter with individualized opportunities to showcase your organizations’ successes and was duplicative to the Arête Awards.   The Greek Pillar of Excellence also identifies areas where the CFSL can help organizations improve overall chapter functionality in specific areas. All chapters are now eligible for chapter awards at the Arête Awards ceremony.

  • Are we required to participate in all listed activities or have every requirement as included in the Greek Pillars of Excellence?

    No. Each of the criteria as set forth in the Greek Pillars of Excellence will be optional. Most of the activities and requirements are the minimum that most organizations already require. Your chapter already performs these tasks on a daily basis. These criteria are values congruent with each of our organizations. Some organizations will attempt to do everything while others may be content with their normal chapter operations. The Greek Pillars of Excellence criteria were determined by CFSL staff and peer institutions on what we believe a stellar fraternity or sorority would operate as. You can choose what you want to do. If you choose to do one particular item, you get the points for that particular criterion. The entire purpose of the Greek Pillars of Excellence is to provide each fraternity and sorority a venue to showcase their organizations’ successes.

  • Will my organization be ranked against peers?

    Each individual organization will be assigned one of the four categories as detailed in the Greek Pillars of Excellence packet. Chapters who receive one of the top three categories will receive an award for their exemplary work. The Greek Pillars of Excellence are a self-evaluation. Your organization will not be compared to another organization. You will be provided the opportunity to showcase your organization’s successes, which will be the only criteria the judges will look at.

  • Will my organization be judged on criteria that my national organization prohibits?

    Each individual chapter will be judged on their own individual merit. As such, there is opportunity to take into account a specific organization’s overall policies and procedures. You will not be penalized for the unique organization that you are.


    For example, your national organization prohibits you from having two recruitment classes per year. The total possible points you could receive for new member GPA is 20 points per semester. The maximum amount of points for the entire Greek Pillars of Excellence you would be eligible to receive would then be reduced by 20 points.






    Each organization will have varying levels of maximum points based on what their organization can specifically do. This is not to say that only what your organization does will be the maximum amount of points you receive. If the CFSL is aware of some inter/national/local policy specifically prohibiting an item, it will be taken into account. If you choose not to participate in Greek Week (for example), you are choosing to not receive those points, but those points still count towards the maximum. Your designation will be dependent on the percentage of possible TOTAL points available to your organization.

  • What if my organization receives the “in need of improvement” designation?

    Chapters in Need of Improvement must meet with CFSL staff on a monthly basis for the following calendar year for additional goal setting and progress reports. It is the desire of the university that all organizations will be successful and remains an active part of our university life. The CFSL will continue to work with that organization’s representation to assist in any way possible. This should be viewed as a positive. This is not a penalty.