Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life


Greek Leadership Camp (GLC)

The Greek Leadership Camp is a retreat weekend facilitated by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life and Greek Leadership Student Assistants. The retreat is typically held in the beginning of the Spring semester. The retreat focuses on building inter-council relationships as well as equipping attendees with the tools necessary to tackle change within the larger WSU Greek community.  If you are interested in helping plan the next GLC please contact

Multicultural Greek Leadership Summit

The third annual Multicultural Greek Leadership Symposium (MGLS) will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, 2017. This conference for members of multicultural fraternities and sororities is designed to help participants find relevance in their current campus environment and develop skills to work with their organizations and administration. All multicultural Greeks are invited to connect with other student leaders in similar organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest region.  The theme for the summit is “Representing Our Identity: Cultivating Future Impacts” as it represents the nexus of where our multicultural Greek community is heading: making large scale impacts on our college campuses.  Featured Keynote will be Lasana Hotep, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. from the Harbor Institute.  

IFC Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat is an annual retreat hosted by the Interfraternity Council and facilitated by Growth Guiders, LLC. During this weekend-long program Freshman and Sophomore fraternity men from each IFC organization are brought together to discuss their core values, character attributes, and what it means to be a leader and a man. In 2015 the Interfraternity Council was presented with the Kaleidoscope Award for Innovation by the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values for Men's Retreat.

PHC Rho Gamma Retreat

The Panhellenic Council sponsors a weekend-long retreat for the women appointed as Rho Gammas (Recruitment Guides). During the retreat, Rho Gammas receive training on how to assist women to make positive decisions regarding recruitment and how to handle difficult and stressful situations that sometimes arise.

  • What are the goals of The Greek Leadership Camp?

    One of the goals of the retreat weekend is to bring Officers from EVERY Greek chapter together to discuss common issues and concerns (ritual, motivating your group, team building, gender and communication, diversity, hazing, alcohol, public image, etc.), and to provide specialized training for each officer group.

    Another goal of the retreat is to develop personal leadership skills and qualities in the individuals that attend; thereby significantly impacting each participating chapter.

  • What's so great about this retreat?

    This retreat has had an enormous impact on the Greek community in a variety of ways. Bridges were built and barriers between groups are torn down. Many of the students that attended the Greek Leadership Camp are now holding leadership positions in their chapters, and on campus. The chapters that did not attend the GLC have expressed their regret of not doing so. This is an educational, growth enhancing, team building, and fun weekend that is applicable to all Greek leaders.

    The Greek Leadership Camp weekend is a pivotal part of the Greek experience and we encourage all chapters to make sure that initiation, regional conferences, and alumni weekends are not scheduled to conflict with this weekend. We encourage all chapters to participate and believe that the information and experience gained will be indispensable for your organization. Don't miss out!

  • Who has the opportunity to attend The Greek Leadership Camp?

    Each chapter has a responsibility to their officers, the Greek community and their own chapter to provide quality leadership training opportunities for their officers. The Greek Leadership Camp will be the best opportunity for your officers to develop their leadership skills as they relate to our Greek Community. Those attending The Greek Leadership Camp should include: the Chapter President, New Member Educator, and Standards/Judicial Chairperson. Chapter members not holding office, and/or New Members should not be your chapter's representatives at The Greek Leadership Camp.