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Primary Recruitment Registration Opens

June 1st at 8:00AM and closes August 1st at 5:00PM!


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Women interested in joining one of the 14 chapters with facilities located on Greek row should participate in primary recruitment. The Panhellenic Council (PHC) oversees primary recruitment events which are held during the week before classes begin in August. Potential New Members (PNMs) begin the recruitment process with an orientation program. Throughout the week, recruitment participants will have a full schedule that includes personal development activities, educational programming, and campus events in addition to recruitment activities.  Participants will meet and talk one-on-one with women in all 14 organizations and have the opportunity to preference the chapter that they identify with the most.  Joining one of our 14 sororities is invite-accept- a mutual process, where both potential new members and chapters consider several factors when making decisions.


Primary Recruitment 2017 Schedule

Primary Recruitment begins on Saturday August 12th, 2017. All incoming students will move into their residence halls on Saturday the 12th.  Please plan on arriving on campus and being moved into your residence hall before the evening as programming will start at 7:00PM.  The full schedule for the 2017 Primary Recruitment will be available once you have arrived on campus and moved into your residence hall.



PHC Primary Sorority Recruitment Registration

Registration for Primary Recruitment closes Monday, August 1stst at 5:00PM.  Please make sure you have registered by this date as we cannot accept any women after the deadline.  The cost for registration is $105 which goes towards meals, materials, housing, programming, and other event expenses.


For more information please check out the Panhellenic website here:


**PLEASE NOTE: Students participating in the final Fall Alive! session August 15-17, 2017 cannot participate in Formal Sorority Recruitment.  If you would like to participate in Formal Sorority Recruitment, please select a summer Alive! date as students cannot participate in Formal Sorority Recruitment until the orientation requirement is complete.**


PHC Sorority Informal Recruitment

For women who did not join a chapter during primary recruitment there are additional opportunities to participate in recruitment activities during the year.  Some of the chapters on campus participate in Informal Recruitment during the fall and spring semesters.  During Informal Recruitment women attend recruitment events at individual chapters and have the opportunity to join those chapters seeking new members.  Informal Recruitment is not facilitated through the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life and is strictly facilitated through the individual chapters.  You can  e-mail the recruitment chairs of each chapter for more detailed information.  

For recruitment chair contact information please check out the Panhellenic website here:




Finances for Residential Sororities

When your student joins a chapter, he/she should be given information about the finances involved in membership. For men who summer sign a fraternity, this might come from the chapter’s Recruitment Chair. For men & women that join in the fall or spring, this will likely take place on Bid Day or at the first New Member Education meeting (within the first week of school). If you do not hear anything about finances, ask your student for the contact information for the chapter Treasurer. If you are asked for cash or a check without a receipt, we encourage you to contact the CFSL prior to paying.

Because all chapters are private organizations, WSU has no information regarding billing or payments. All inquiries regarding chapter finances will need to be directed to the undergraduate officers or the chapter advisors. If you are having difficulties connecting with them, please contact our office.

Click here for the Residential Sororities Cost Breakdown

  • What is a “recruitment party”?

    As a potential new member going through sorority recruitment, you spend an allotted amount of time at specific chapters each day.  Each session attended at a chapter is referred to as a“party.” You talk to multiple women in each sorority at every party, and can then get to know them on a more personal level.

  • Do my grades matter?

    Yes, academics are a value that every chapter holds and takes pride in. It is heavily recommended that as a high school student, you graduated with a 3.0 GPA, and if you are a transfer student, you arrive at WSU with a 2.8 college GPA.

    Each sorority is privately owned and has their own specific bylaws and scholarship grade requirements to be a member.  Your prior academic performance could affect whether or not you join a chapter. This is why we have heavily recommended suggestions.

  • What if I am not living in the residence halls?

    Every woman going through recruitment is placed in a Rho Gamma group. This is a group of women that are all going through sorority recruitment and live in the same hall of a residence hall. A Rho Gamma is a Recruitment Guide that will help guide you through primary recruitment. If you are not living in a residence hall, you are still placed in a Rho Gamma group. You are responsible for transportation and being on time before group events and recruitment parties.  

    Your Rho Gamma will reach out to you before you move in on Saturday, August 12th with details about recruitment week and to introduce herself and give you details about the week.

  • What is a legacy?

    In most chapters, a legacy is a sister, daughter, or granddaughter to a member of a specific sorority. Some chapters include aunts and cousins. Close family friends do not make you eligible to be a legacy. If I am a legacy, am I guaranteed a spot in that chapter?  If you are a legacy, you are not guaranteed a spot in that chapter. Sororities look for well-rounded women who will contribute to their chapter and the title of a legacy won’t guarantee a bid. In addition, each chapter has their own policies regarding legacies.