Washington State University

Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life

    Financial Cost of Fraternity and Sorority Membership


    As you probably expected, becoming a member of a Greek organization involves a financial commitment. The Greek community at WSU understands that living expenses are a major concern to new students and parents, so chapters work hard to make the cost of joining a fraternity or sorority affordable. Living in a Greek chapter house and being a member is typically less expensive than living in the residence hall. However, new members can expect the first year to be more costly than others due to one-time fees associated with new membership and initiation.

    A full explanation of financial terms used and estimated costs can be found in this document. Feel free to ask questions during recruitment regarding your financial obligation to the chapter. This financial commitment is modest in comparison to the innumerable benefits you will receive as a member of a Greek organization. We encourage you to not think of it as an expense - think of it as an investment in your future. 



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