Financial Transparency

Fraternities and sororities operate separately from the university, and have their own financial operation. Each organization sets their own cost structure based on their specific situation. 

Once you as a member express interest in your organization you are encouraged to ask them for detailed information about the cost associated with joining and maintaining membership in their organization. Washington State University Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life does not have information about the cost of specific organizations.

All organizations should be able to provide you with a clear bill and a receipt for any money collected.

To develop an estimate of what you’d expect to pay you will follow this formula:

(New Member fee OR Initiated Member fee) + (Live-out Fee OR Tenant Room & Board) = Semester Cost

New Member fee: this is a one-time fee that members pay for their first semester
Initiated Member fee: this is a fee that you will pay every semester that you are a member
Live out fee: this is a fee that all member of the organization who do not live in their chapter facility pay
Tenant Room & Board: this is the cost of living-in the chapter facility.

Average Semester Costs

Below we have prepared council average costs per semester:

Panhellenic Council

  New Member Fee (One Time) Live-Out Fee Initiated Member Fee Tenant Room & Board
Average $335.65 $640.62 $469.87 $4292.69
Highest $800.00  $1268.95  $1356.00 $8400.00
Lowest $70.00 $318.00 $104.00  $2731.00

Interfraternity Council

  New Member Fee (One Time) Live-Out Fee Initiated Member Fee Tenant Room & Board
Average $655.26 $486.39 $578.95 $2906.53
Highest $1465.00 $800.00 $3000.00 $3995.00
Lowest $75.00 $200.00 $140.00  $800.00

Multicultural Greek Council

Because these organizations are much smaller and do no have chapter facilities their cost is substantially different.  Average cost per semester for these organizations is about $300.00.

Fraternity and sorority chapter facilities are not owned, operated, nor managed by Washington State University. Each chapter facility and Greek letter organization is controlled by its respective national organization, local chapter and/or housing corporation. Students and families should familiarize themselves with the policies and culture of each organization prior to joining.